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iPhone with FreeTouch Sky TV control
Meet your all new universal remote control (and it’s a phone).
Any smartphone The FreeTouch turns your smartphone into your universal home remote control – lights, TV, heating, security, blinds, you name it, FreeTouch does it.

Any manufacturer
As long as the product can be controlled by InfraRed, KNX, EIB, RS232 serial communications, Wireless (Analogue RF, Zigbee, Z-Wave &c.), Ethernet and a bunch of lesser known and more esoteric formats, FreeTouch can control it. FreeTouch is remarkable and truly universal.
FreeTouch is available for all smartphones including:
FreeTouch for all smartphones including Blackberry, Samsung,
Expandibility The various FreeTouch kits will expand on the base package by adding two variants to purchase, Hardware and software. The software modules provide the interface applications for the more esoteric code protocols mentioned. These can be simply purchased from the DKT web site and loaded directly into the FreeTouch hardware. With the FreeTouch base package you will get IR emitters to control your basic HiFi and cinema kit, and a serial cable to connect your basic Home Automations system, there may be no further reason to buy any additional hardware.

Professional application For the custom installers, or truly switched on exec, the hardware kits include a digital i/o module (for controlling latched systems like power relays &c.) a Zigbee wireless module, Z-Wave module, KNX/EIB module (for the older non IP based KNX installations) and later developments from DKT will announce the MIDI and DMX modules for the pro AV commercial market – so the execs can walk into seminar rooms and use their own remote to make presentations feel more under their command.

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Impressive pedigree The FreeTouch has been developed by DKT R&D from a long history of working in the custom installation market. The original FreeWay product, the Universal AV controller, was the first product on the market in 2000 that gave installers a highly flexible and non manufacture specific tool for controlling highly complex AV systems. The product has since grown adding KNX/EIB, web servers, IR learning remote and IR decoding to its internal toolkit.
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Custom install For the custom installer who needs deeper control and macro editing you’ll be pleased to hear that the core software operating system behind the FreeTouch hardware borrows extensively from the original professional version of the FreeWay. FreeScript is the DKT editor of choice. It’s free as the name implies and using FreeScript the installers can fine tune highly complex macros using time variables, Boolean logic and protocol exchanges and forward passing techniques that are often necessary for detailed integration projects.

Programmable FreeScript has been upgraded also to match some of the new features offered by the FreeTouch. The original FreeWay always had two way communications (you get your song list viewable on your remote and things like room temperature and security status also require two way real-time systems), but picture passing and temporary variable storage has also been added to accommodate the fact that the pocket sized iPod Touch itself isn’t always going to be near the FreeTouch hub.

Smart looker The new FreeTouch development puts the core FreeWay code into a consumer package. Similar in size and looks to a domestic LAN WiFi switch, the FreeTouch doesn’t look out of place in the HiFi cupboard or piled high on the home office desk along with all its similar kith and kin.
No brainer The FreeTouch will be easy to use and install. Setup will be equal in time and consumer skill to that of a PS3 or Nintendo Wii and will be as easy to use as the iPod Touch or iPhone itself. Upgrades and further ‘Apps’ will be available through DKT’s website.

Resources The DKT website will give you an excellent selection of pre-prepared software remote screens for most of the equipment you’ll find in the home; DVD control panels, SKY remotes, TV’s, Lighting and blinds templates. You’ll also find templates for the kind of kit custom installers usually run into on a day to day basis like Meridian Audio cinema processors, Lexicon, Kaleidescape DVD servers and an Imerge XiVA™ controller for their range of CD and Film servers.

Easy configuration It will be quick and easy to drop in the FreeTouch templates. Many of the household names you are familiar with are already available for download so once you list your kit on your registration page the codes, either IR or RS232, are automatically inserted into our templates.

Compatibility Of course all smartphones come with their own OS and just to cover the point, no indigenous functions are affected.

More room One further point to note is that internally, the FreeTouch works slightly differently to many ‘Universal’ remotes. The code is kept in the FreeTouch and not the remote.
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  • No standby (FreeTouch turns off the power at the wall)
  • The FreeTouch turns itself off (no standby power used)
  • The FreeTouch turns itself off (no standby power used)
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Getting started You’ll need a smartphone from your mobile network supplier and a FreeTouch base package to get started. The FreeTouch base kit will be available from DKT for Autumn 2009 and prices are expected to be between £150 and £250, ready for Christmas showing off next year. Highly recommended therefore for the ‘man who has everything’.

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