Modern Buildings Need Hi-Tech Control Solutions

Show Control Installations

If you are looking to achieve that extra pizzazz for you client's building then we are here to help.  Controlled Architectural Lighting systems, Dancing Fountains, Audio Systems, Video integration and all other entertainment systems programming.

Your building could be as complex as the Show Control System we installed in the US$100,000,000 Hotel, the Burj Al Arab in Dubai.  It can be as controllable by staff as our touch screens are in the Lexus Showrooms.  You can have multimedia presentations for museums like Shakespeare's and Marlowe's historical Rose Theatre in London or animatronic show control systems running over 60 AV networks in IBM's 30,000,000DM  EXPO2000 presentation - The Planet of Visions.

Your vision is our brief and there are no limits.

Architectural Systems Integration

Do you need to light up a building?   Timed?  Co-ordinated?  Remotely controlled with zero cost diagnostics?

Our people know these things.  We also know where the best deals are and what products work and what products do not.

Residential Systems Integration

Adding significant value to homes, the SMART Home concept is here to stay.  Our total System Integration approach enables Home Theatre systems, Multi room Audio and Video networks, Distributed TV, ISDN and Ethernet networks to be specified for new build or existing properties.  If your building is architecturally sensitive you don't even need to use wires.

Commercial  Systems Integration

Need a simple AV system for your boardroom?

We can supply, install and program a range of systems from small AV boardrooms to large scale Pro-Multimedia networks. 

At the touch of a screen or hand held remote your AV System runs projectors, screens, audio and video switching matrices, voting systems and video conferencing systems.


As members of the most forward thinking Intelligent Buildings Group in Europe we are in a unique position to audit existing systems and recommend new technologies where they are appropriate.

Venues - Landmark buildings, Theme Parks, Stadiums, Theatres, Museums, Showrooms, Conference Centres and Hotels. Corporate Boardrooms, Executive homes, Residential estates, Community Apartments.

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Over our twenty year history we have experienced an impressive range of technology. We have a complete library of control system programs from touch screens to mobile phone interfaces. 

We are the invisible sub-contractors.  We are happy to take on the clients branding to facilitate architects, creative directors and other systems contractors. Our job is to know every technical resource in a project and synchronise them into a single show or entertainment environment. We make systems work together.

We're happy to discuss any creative idea, please call the number below or email us a request and we'll call you back.